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M.K Team

M.K Team started in 2010 to work in the field of digital marketing & software development, and since the beginning and we’ve always used the latest technology in web development and designing, with different companies in all fields. We seek to reach all companies starting from the startup company that want to build its image, to small & medium company that seek to expand, till the large & international companies.

M.K Team number one concern is the customer delight by understanding our customer’s need and providing it to the customer that we are sure it will exceed his satisfaction. Our main concern is the on-time delivery.

M.K Team have a team to work on the best level in all disciplines and in all programming languages and all kinds of applications. In MK Team we work as one person with one mission, we know that the success of the team means the success of our company. Being a team is our concept because we are MK Team solutions.

Mk Team main objective:

Achieve 5% market share within the next Three years We’ve set our objective based on Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely factors.



- Mk team vision to be one of the top digital marketing & software development companies, that’s our 2022 vision. With us you will cross the boarders & grow your business.


Our company's existing purpose is to help you grow & organize your business and build your corporate Identity

We provide you with our services in the field of digital marketing & software development because you in need to strengthen your internal systems and interface it with the external world to grow your corporate and we do both.

MK Team is here to get you the flow of work you seek and transfer your work to the screen, in MK Team we believe in the power of the design because creativity & innovation & analytics are our concepts. So Let us cross the boarders of mind.

1. Customer care
2. Integrity
3. Creativity
4. Leadership
5. Appreciation
6. Respect for others


Professional Service

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Our services

Digital Marketing

• Branding
• Web platform
• Marketing campaign


• Logo Design
• Corporate Designs
• Company Profile
• E-Brochure
• Promotional Designs

Web platform

• Domain name registration
• Enterprise business email
• Websites
• SEO analytics
• Mobile applications
• Social media platform creation

Marketing campaign

• Social media campaigns
1. Facebook
2. LinkedIn
3. Twitter
4. Instagram
5. What’Sapp
6. YouTube
• Social media management
• Email marketing

Software Development

• Web Development
• Mobile Development
• Database development
• Integration solutions
• Business portals
• Work assignments systems
• Ticketing systems

Supplementary services

• Consulting
• Outsourcing
• Training
1. Digital Marketing
2. Software Development
3. Readymade systems
4. Business solutions

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