Who we are?

MK Team Solutions have been operating in the market since 2010. We’ve been serving a long list of clients from different industries across Egypt.
Providing our clients with software solution along with qualified team, to support you to establish your brand and to grow your business.
Since MK Team Solutions established, it has been paying attention to the clients, serving them with the services they need.
MK Team Solutions over time has succeeded in building strong relation with its clients.

What we do?

MK Team Solutions create brands & grow them across social media and campaigns. A long with content creating to build your brand awareness and reach your target audience.
MK Team Solutions helps you to build & Develop & Design your website. MK Team Solutions provides the software tools you need to measure your business productivity & track your internal work processes.

Why MK Team Solutions?

MK Team Solutions helps you to achieve your business objectives and implement your ideas with our high technical and creativity, across our expert resources mainly in all technologies.
MK Team Solutions are highly skilled which gives more opportunities to cut costs by delivering on-time
What differentiate us is the splendid harmonize between creativity and technical solutions experience that we utilize professional within our services.

Our Vision is to become the leader in the digital marketing & software industry

Our company's existing purpose is to help you grow & organize your business.
We provide you with our services in the field of digital marketing & software development. Simply you need both to strengthen your internal systems, and interface it with the external world to grow your corporate and we do both. We’ve worked with SME companies in different industries and we seek globally expand.
MK Team is here to get you the flow of work you seek, and transfer your work to the screen. In MK Team we believe in the power of the design because creativity & innovation & analytics are our concepts.

  • Customer care

    We strive to provide exceptional customer care to fulfil the customer need to ensure their satisfaction and delightful interaction with our services.

  • Integrity

    We believe that reputation is very important, we behave in a manner that demonstrates trust, honesty which is fundamental to who we are

  • Creativity

    We foster a work environment where creative thinking is encouraged and rewarded in order to create opportunities for process improvement and excellent results

  • Leadership

    We believe in the concept of learning & leading each other to work in an environment where we reduce boundaries and working as one team and maintain the flow of work in order to be more efficient.

  • Appreciation

    In MK Team Solutions, the team is the reason behind our success, we show appreciation to our team for each effort they do for their company.
    We appreciate our assets.

  • Respect for others

    Our Team relationship is built on our main concept, Respect.
    Respecting each other help creating a perfect environment of work for high productivity.